Stratus manufactures 750 new electronic torch devices for Tochi Torch

Stratus Industries is proud to be part of the team that created the new Tochi Torch-brand electronic torch. We've been involved in nearly every step of the manufacturing process of this unique flameless torch, including machine-cutting parts, laser engraving, welding, assembly, packaging, and order fulfillment.

Learn more about this new generation of heat sources at

Titletown District signs installed ... and they look pretty sweet

Take a look at the the final installed signs that Stratus machine-cut and machine-engraved for the Packers' Titletown District in Green Bay. Finishing and installation done by Jones Sign Company.

Stratus creates signs for new Packers Titletown District in Green Bay

If you're headed to Lambeau Field for a Green Bay Packers game this year, be sure to look for our signs created for the new Titletown entertainment district. These 1/4" aluminum signs were machine engraved and cut by one of our three CNC machines. 

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Stratus helping machine aluminum sign for California shopping center

We're turning 4x10 sheets of brushed aluminum into pieces for a large sign for Great Mall of Northern California. From machining (all types of materials), to finishing, to assembly, Stratus can do it all for you!

And here are some still photos below. Click on a photo to view full-size, and then click on the left or right arrows to page through all the photos.

Listen to founder/owner Tom Daugherty on the “Beers with Entrepreneurs” podcast

In this episode of “Beers with Entrepreneurs,” host Terry Taylor has a few beers and talks with successful entrepreneur Tom Daugherty from Milwaukee. The owner of Stratus Industries and several other companies, Tom has launched multiple businesses that have national and international sales.

Listen to how he started several of his business ventures; when he thought it best to outsource HR, bring in labor, etc.; his thoughts on when to sell or pivot; and why he believes he has been able to overcome the odds.

Listen here:

Stratus brands again sponsoring #17 race team of Grant Griesbach

Photo courtesy of Lori Lynch

Photo courtesy of Lori Lynch

We're glad to be on board again with Grant T. Griesbach, whose #17 late model racer will be sponsored by KickAss Work Wipes and Undercover Lights at Slinger Speedway during the 2017 season.

Grant, 15, from Pewaukee, WI, was named Loves Park Motorsports "Rookie of the Year" in the Big 8 series after collecting three Top Ten finishes in 2016.

Please help us support Grant this race season! You can follow him here:

Stratus helping Emagispace create revolutionary walls for movie sets

Stratus has partnered with Emagispace to help supply, assemble, and fulfill orders for their reusable, environmentally friendly building blocks. Emagispace utilizes a patented, kit-based interlocking system to create high-quality walls, displays, shelving, and more for movie sets, retail spaces and many other uses. Our MDF supplier follows sustainable forestry practices and is certified by the Composite Panel Association and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.