Containers Up

What we do:

We at Containers Up design and rent customized, upcycled shipping containers. Our signature product is the rentable Mobile Party Bar, which can bring an open bar to any event. We also create containers for mobile trade shows, stages, kiosks, living spaces, and more.

Mobile Party Bar

How it works:

We put a fully functional bar inside an upcycled shipping container.

We drop that container at your event, whatever the location.

You open it up and you’ve got an awesome bar ready to go.

And when the party’s over, we pack it all up and take it away.

The Mobile Party Bar is perfect for:

  • Wedding receptions
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Auto races
  • Tailgating at sporting events
  • Corporate golf outings
  • Portable music stages
  • Covered seating for any event

The Mobile Party Bar includes a built-in bar, beer taps, pull-out tables, color-changing LED lighting and a surround sound system. One side transitions into an awning to provide shade and protect from the rain. If you're looking for a more customized container with a unique theme, we can create it for you!

Company Spaces

Shipping containers are opening new ways to spread your message, promote your brand, sell your product, and more.

Containers are also great alternative to renting tents or other structures for company events, especially when it comes to mobility.

We can create custom containers for use as:

  • Mobile restaurants at festivals
  • Pop-up marketing kiosks
  • Temporary office space
  • Merchandise storefronts
  • Traveling trade show booths
  • Meeting space at a retreat

You name it, we’ll make it. Rent it for a weekend or keep it forever.