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Contracting Manufacturing

We have the space, tools and materials for all kinds of manufacturing projects.


With our love for creative challenges, our staff has the experience and ability to create the most diverse products.

From manufacturing, cutting, and milling, we’ll find the best material to create your customized products featuring sustainable, reclaimed and urban wood. We take pride in the finished products we create, distribute and manufacture. Stratus makes sure each project meets our standard of producing the highest quality products on the market.

Wood Contract Manufacturing



Stratus can handle alloys of many types and processes including, tapping, milling, drilling, 3-dimensional machining. From prototypes and low to high volume production and secondary services offered. We are ablt to use our resources to complete your project with our quality machinery. We offer short to long run production, short opps secondary services such as kitting, tapping, milling, drilling, 3-dimensial machining.


At Stratus Industries, we understand that plastics have different characteristics for rigidity, flexibility, strength, appearance, etc., all of which affect how they are machined, laser-cut, and welded. We take pride in guiding our customers through the resin selection process to ensure they choose an option that works best based on end-use requirements, cost, and manufacturing method. Contact us with your material and project requirements and we’ll deliver with our plastic manufacturing services.


Working with cork requires deep understanding and years of experience to manufacture cork parts with great precision. Stratus Industries offers CNC and 3-dimensional milling to have the capability to work with sheet or block material, manufacture projects small and large, and provide hand finishing and coating options. Every cork project is unique in design and we have the expertise to provide the best option for your requirements.


Add engraving to make your products stand out as premium finished works. Engraving or cutting can be a standalone service for advertisements, garments, leather, carpentry, computerized embroidery, packing, tailoring, shoe-making, craft-work, woodcutting and more.

Our machines integrate the latest mechanical movement technologies and can accommodate up to four jobs at once. We can do both cutting and engraving on a variety of materials such as bamboo, stone, horn, leather, crystal, wood, plastic, acrylic, fabrics, paper, canvas and various metals.

We can also help you create cut and graphic files, or you can bring your own to save time and money. Compatible TIF international standard fonts as well as BMP/JPG/JPEG/WMF/EMF/PLT can be used.

Laser Cutting & Engraving
CNC Milling And Routing


CNC milling and routing can create parts and components to fit extremely precise dimensions and requirements. Stratus Industries utilizes vertical mills and horizontal table routers to provide the finest CNC milling and routing services.

The fabrication process is completed quickly with supreme accuracy using computer-guided tools. All of our CNC mills and routers operate on numerical control programming systems, allowing machine parts to run with extraordinary efficiency.

Stratus Industries’ CNC milling and routing services can be tailored to match the exact needs for even the most precise fabrication project.

We offer

  • Full-service CNC milling and routing on a variety of materials, including:
    • Woods, plastics, aluminum, and steel.


Stratus Industries offers comprehensive, in-house welding solutions, from decorative designs to structural pieces. Our advanced process machines support aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Our staff includes a certified welding inspector and certified welding educator. Code welding capabilities include D1.1 – Structural Steel, D1.2 – Structural Aluminum, and D1.3 – Structural sheet steel. Processes include GMAW-P, GTAW-P, and FCAW-G.

Welding And Metal Fabrication